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The holidays have arrived, and what’s a better way to celebrate than with a new jewelry collection by Mcharms! This new launch is meant bring together the glamour and modern vibes that every girl will want to wear during this season. Our Holiday Collection has been curated with pieces meant to bring a special touch fitting to any style, with interchangeable jewelry that can be personalized to everyone that wears it. Channel your inner “it” girl with timeless and gorgeous new pieces during the holidays with Mcharms.

Monica’s top picks for this collection includes the Crescent Moon Stack, Backdrop Pearl Lariat, Pearl Toggle Necklace, and the Mixed Pearl Drop Earrings. Which are all creatively designed to represent the vibe of this special holiday collection by Monica herself. Her vision for this special project was to allow our shoppers to personalize their jewelry, along with being able to tell a story with her creations.

The Crescent Moon Stack is the only stack in this collection, so make sure to get it while you can! This was one of Monica’s top picks because her inspiration was driven from the famous expression “I love you to the moon and back.” That expression is meaningful to her and her jewelry career since it hits close to
home being able to sell many star and moon jewelry pieces to moms just like her and the overwhelming amount of positive and loving feedback from these purchases.

Another special piece from this collection is the Backdrop Pearl Lariat Necklace and the story of this timeless gem goes all the way back to the 1800s. When women would dress up for dinner many times, they would wear a backdrop necklace and to Monica’s exact words: “I just love the drama!” The versatility of this necklace adds to its flare, being able to wear it in so many different ways. From Lariat to dropping down the front or back, this necklace provides a modern take of the classic idea.

The Pearl Toggle Necklace is another one of Monica’s favorites, which she styled herself to form a beautiful addition to the holiday collection. The necklace features a gorgeous extra-large baroque pearl drop, mixed with the delicate paperclip gold-plated chain, to help create a stunning silhouette on the neck!

Last but not least, is the Mixed Pearl Drop Earrings, which remind Monica of the days of glamour! These earrings are made with a gold-plated chain and coin shaped pearls, also designed by Monica. One of our favorite things about this piece is the way the pearls reflect light upon your face. The earrings were created to gently skim your shoulders and look best with your hair pulled up.

This holiday collection was made to help you find your own look amongst a selection of timeless and versatile jewelry pieces that’ll elevate your winter looks this season. The model chosen for the shoot was Allison Sannuto who has been with the Mcharms team since the very beginning. The vibes surrounding
the shoot featured a throwback to glamour with a modern twist with the help of our photographer, Sophie Freid, leading on the creative front. We hope you love this holiday edition as much as we do!

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  • Love this beautiful blog post!
    So excited to start blogging hope everyone is enjoying❤️

    monica granados on
  • Beautiful collection. So dreamy and glamours. Can’t wait to snag some pieces to wear with my holiday outfits.

    Yhadi Mercado on
  • This is so cute!! Loveeeee (: Monica is the sweetest and makes the most beautiful jewelry

    Gaby Montells on
  • Loved this blog! Thank you for sharing

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