Goals and Reflections by Monica G. - Mcharms Designer & Owner

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As I reflect 2022 I feel grateful and proud of the growth we have achieved in MCHARMS. Born from my passion to create & love  of fashion, the fact that I do this as a business now has been dream come true! My biggest accomplishment for the year is more than units sold, but more related to the connections I’ve made, and the lessons I’ve learned.

First lesson is when you give goodness you receive goodness! Ethically made necklaces, earrings, rings...etc., and original designs have fueled the fire for people to discover my brand. I take pride in creating unique jewelry with amazing gold plating quality that lasts, and will continue to do so in 2023.  Another lesson learned is putting yourself out there is important for brand growth. I am MCHARMS, so this year I decided to showcase myself & my story. 

Through sharing my story and beginnings I’ve been able to grow exponentially. The third great lesson I’ve learned this year is you need a tribe to help you grow! My marketing team and ambassador program have added a new amazing layer to my business! I’m truly grateful for the “M squad” & As a mom of boys, it has brought me so much joy to forge these relationships with all the women who help me <3 

In 2022 I introduced my BoHo brand. BoHo/vintage creations are where I began. It’s my favorite part of my business and I’m proud that we were able to launch it this year. I plan on building that part of brand in 2023.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from 2022 Jewelry Collection: 


  • Brooklyn Eye Lariat Necklace - This wins the prize for the most unique necklace! This necklace can be worn many ways and is always fresh and different! The charms are all hand selected and represents strength, courage and protection. Shop Here

    The MCHARMS Gold continues to thrive & in 2023 I plan to curate amazing collections!! I wanted to feature some favorite products from 2022.

    2023 goals …First, continue to provide a beautiful, sought after jewelry with demand built on my hard work, honesty and integrity.  Second, continue to provide the best customer service I can! Third, grow my wholesale cruise line so my brand can spread to even more people! Lastly, to find joy in what I am doing!  The Joy of creation and the relationships made are my biggest joy, and I am eternally grateful that this all happened to me.

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