Paris Choker

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  • Beautiful brushed gold choker that comes with a removable pearl charm.

  • This is a thick yet adjustable necklace. It can be adjusted to fit most necks.

  • Additional charms can be purchased and added for a boho look. It is $15 per additional charm. Variants on this listing come with selected charm and the original pearl charm. If you would like a third charm, purchase the charm individually under "Paris Choker Charms" product listing.

    • Citrine Charm - positivity and optimism
    • Amethyst Charm - serenity, calming, and protection
    • Crystal Horn Charm - master healer, and balance
    • Turquoise Charm - wisdom, protection, tranquility, and hope
    • Rose Quartz Charm - unconditional love and compassion
    • Ancient Roman Glass Charm - cool artifact