New Vintage Body Chains

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What's New at Mcharms?

Introducing a New Body Chain Collection. Monica G. the founder and designer at MCHARMS explaining the inspiration behind new jewelry pieces. Here is what she has to say: 

"Vintage body chains have been a passion of mine for many years. They are so unique and I love the multiple ways you can style them! The chains themselves are gold plated, and silver colored metal, which does not tarnish. I’ve been collecting them for the past two years to make this current collection.

I love them because the amazing quality , and the fact that they are very limited and all one-of-a-kind. Originally, they were worn as necklaces but fast forward to 2023 and they become much more. We styled them as Crossbody chains, back chains and belts in addition to their original use. They are so versatile and fashion forward. 

Vintage means it had a previous life. The Wanderlust Collection Body Chains all have a story to tell that you can channel through your styling present day. These body chains are sustainable and have stood the test of time. The lucky few who purchase the vintage body chains in the Wanderlust collection are adding your story to the life of these chains that will continue.
Wanderlust is the obsession with travel. I picture the women  who wear these chains as a well traveled fashionista who will style this from day to night in multiple unique ways. It’s easy to pack, and a workhorse of a necklace/body chain because of the styling options. Perfect for travel"

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